Key to nationalities (competitor from Barbados unless shown): ENG – England; IRL – Republic of Ireland; JAM – Jamaica; NED – The Netherlands; NIR – Northern Ireland; RSA – South Africa; SCO – Scotland; WAL – Wales

1st Paul Bird - ENG/Kirsty Riddick – SCO (M8-WRC Frank Bird Poultry/Fuchs-Silkolene Ford Focus WRC08), 1m 02m 50.60s
2nd Paul Bourne/Megan Bryant (M8-WRC Chefette/LIME/Slam 101/MQI/Banks/Castrol Ford Focus WRC07), 1h 03m 02.65s
3rd Jeffrey Panton – JAM/Michael Fennell Jnr – JAM (M8-WRC Ford Focus WRC06), 1h 03m 17.66s
4th Steve Perez – ENG/Paul Spooner – WAL (M8-WRC Kick Energy Drink Ford Focus WRC07), 1h 03m 24.95s
5th Neil Armstrong/Barry Ward (SM10 Chefette/Lubriguard/Hankook Tyres/Nassco/Redline Fuels/ARMAG Rentals Toyota Starlet), 1h 05m 10.34s
6th Roger Duckworth - ENG/Aled Davies - WAL (M8-WRC Intrinsys/Kumho Subaru Impreza WRC), 1h 05m 43.25s
7th Rob Swann – ENG/Darren Garrod – WAL (M8-WRC Waves Hotel and Spa/Revolution Wheels/Terra Caribbean/Digicel/R A Swann Subaru Impreza), 1h 06m 48.70s
8th Josh Read/Mark Jordan (SM10 Stihl/Gliptone/Hankook/EZone/Weetabix/SDRR/Royal Purple Toyota Starlet), 1h 07m 08.67s
9th Roger Mayers/Barry Mayers (SM9 Chefette/Digicel/Delaware Dispensary/Illusion Graphics/Barbados Today WR Starlet), 1h 07m 32.20s
10th Logan Watson/Rhett Watson (SM11 Oreo/Chips Ahoy!/Club Social/Formula1 High Performance Auto Care Products/Liquid Wrench/Sign Depot/The Unknown Entity/In support of Little Pink Gift BMW M3), 1h 07m 53.31s
11th Brian Gill/Heath Hazell (SM11 Coca Cola BMW M3), 1h 08m 24.90s
12th Geoff Noel/Kreigg Yearwood (P4 Globe Finance/Sentry Insurance Brokers/Cargo Solutions International/Mix 96.9FM/CIAC Air Conditioners Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 1h 08m 31.41s
13th Daryl Clarke/Russell Brancker (M7 Ellco Rentals/Mom's Pasta Products/MQI/Roberts Manufacturing Honda Civic), 1h 09m 36.18s
14th Neil Corbin/Matthew Staffner (M6 Nassco/Jason Jones/Auto Solutions/Castrol Toyota Starlet), 1h 10m 29.37s
15th Ralph White/Joe Troulan (SM10 Barbados Villa Services/Island Safari/Amsoil Toyota Starlet), 1h 10m 38.74s
16th Avinash Chatrani/Martin Goddard (M8-A Electric Avenue/Hankook/Solder Seal Gunk/Niagra Water/Sign Station Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI), 1h 11m 16.93s
17th Adrian Linton/Jonathan Linton (M7 Ravensden/Barbados Yellow Pages/JAD Performance/Garbage Gobbler/Innovative Security Solutions Vauxhall Astra SRi), 1h 11m 19.57s
18th Martin Stockdale - ENG/Mark Swallow – ENG (SM11 Divi Southwinds/Drive-a-Matic/Quarry Motors BMW M3 Compact), 1h 12m 19.82s
19th Tim Pearcey – ENG/Neil Shanks – SCO (Historic Willowgreen Homes/Ravenol/Dunlop Ford Escort RS1800), 1h 12m 22.82s
20th Geoff Bell – RSA/Michael Worme (Historic Kick Energy Drink Ford Escort RS1800), 1h 12m 46.17s
21st Edward Corbin/Rodney Clarke (M7 Valvoline/Automotive Art/Prosales Toyota Corolla RunX), 1h 13m 08.26s
22nd Martin Donnelly - IRL/Colin Fitzgerald - IRL (P4 Eire Concrete Inc Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 1h 13m 15.40s
23rd Gary Thomas – WAL/Phil Ralphs – WAL (Club-Hist Tsalta Motorsport/Cambrian Garages/Cambrian Land Rover Ford Escort MkII), 1h 13m 30.08s
24th Jeremy Gonsalves/Chris Corbin (M6 Makita/SSP Power Tools/Quik Start Auto/Champion Auto Wrecker/Yamaha/All Terrain Plus Opel Corsa), 1h 13m 41.44s
25th Carlos Edwards/Andre Waithe (SM9 Courts I-Finance/Enermax Toyota Starlet), 1h 14m 23.98s
26th Kyle Catwell/Norman Catwell (M7 Chicken Pen Racing/Kumho/Valvoline/Mackeson/Ellesmere Quarries Volkswagen Golf GTI), 1h 16m 33.61s
27th Raymond Conlon – IRL/Darren McCague – IRL (SM10 Conlon Travel/Gribben Plumbing/Clones Shavings/Skelton Travel Toyota Corolla), 1h 16m 40.65s
28th Allan Mackay – SCO/Mo Downey – NIR (SM10 Avanti Environmental/Highland Waste Services/M Greer Motorsport/TT Graphics Ford Anglia WRC), 1h 16m 56.68s
29th Simon Wallis – ENG/Carolyn Pearce – ENG (P4 Wallis Performance Subaru Impreza N10), 1h 17m 25.99s
30th Brendon McKenzie/Sean Collett (M6 Budex Couriers/Blakey’s on the Boardwalk/This & That Bajan/Meow Mix/MCK Motorsport Toyota Corolla), 1h 17m 48.04s
31st Matt Shinnors – IRL/Catherine Levis – IRL (SM9 Ford Escort MkII), 1h 17m 50.69s
32nd Conor McMeel – NIR/Sean Devlin – NIR (SM10 Ford Escort MkII), 1h 18m 30.52s
33rd Freddie Gale/Kyle Proverbs (M7 Gale’s Hatcheries/Nassco/Redline Fuels/VP Racing Fuels Toyota Corolla RunX), 1h 18m 40.53s
34th Rob Weir - ENG/Ross Weir - ENG (M8-A Weir Laundry Equipment Subaru Impreza), 1h 20m 45.74s
35th Stuart Deeley – ENG/Alistair Dodd - ENG (M5 Demon Tweeks Nissan Micra), 1h 21m 48.43s
36th Stuart McChlery/Julian Goddard (Club-Hist Ford Escort MkI), 1h 22m 35.11s
37th Jeremy Croney/Damien Johnson (Clubman ReMax Lifestyles/Sweet Temptations/Sign Station/Gunk Peugeot 206), 1h 23m 48.95s
38th Ding Boston - ENG/Jon Pulliston - ENG (Historic Phillips Tyres of Oxford/Geest Line/Huzier/NGK/Virgin Atlantic/Toyo Tires/Centor Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV), 1h
25m 08.43s
39th Shannon Kirton/Lisa Roett (Clubman Ullyett’s Machine Shop/Gomez & Western Services/Field Insurance Brokers/Cartique/Gatorade/Fritolay/Fingerprint Designs Datsun 120Y), 1m 26m 18.11s
40th Joe McQuillan – NIR/Gene McDonald - NIR (M8-A Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII), 1h 26m 55.59s
41st Fabien Clarke/Arlington Hoyte (P2 Barbados Business Listings/RCR Tours/Bovell Auto Repair/Simple Trucking Suzuki Ignis Sport), 1h 27m 46.65s
42nd Sean Field/Darnley Rayside (M7 Field Insurance Brokers/Castrol/Ackee Tree Restaurant/AM Realty Services/Landscapes in Harmony/Beacon Insurance Peugeot 306 GTi6), 1h 27m 49.13s
43rd Peter Gallagher – IRL/Rene Forde (M5 Dublin Crystal/Greenspeed Motorsport/Andrew Sam Design Jewellers Talbot Samba), 1h 28m 32.86s
44th Allan Maynard/Marcus Beck (SM9 Marshal Trading/Roberts Manufacturing Toyota Starlet), 1h 29m 59.70s
45th Martin Taylor – IRL/Eddie Taylor – IRL (M6 Dublin Crystal Proton Satria), 1h 31m 16.95s
46th Stuart White/Jason O’Neal (Club-Hist BMW 325), 1h 37m 40.82s

Highest-placed regional crew: Panton – JAM/Fennell – JAM (3rd overall)
Highest-placed international crew: Bird – ENG/Riddick – SCO (1st overall)
Highest-placed female competitor: Riddick (1st overall, co-driver for Bird)

Starters: 99 (64 Barbados, 29 International, 6 Regional)
Overall finishers: 51 (28 Barbados, 22 International, 1 Regional)

Overall Two-wheel-drive: 1st Armstrong/Ward; 2nd Read/Jordan; 3rd Mayers/Mayers; 4th L Watson/R Watson; 5th Gill/Hazell; 6th Clarke/Brancker; 7th Corbin/Staffner; 8th White/Troulan; 9th Linton/Linton; 10th Stockdale - ENG/Swallow - ENG; etc

Class results
Modified 8-WRC: 1st Bird – ENG/Riddick – SCO; 2nd Bourne/Bryan; 3rd Panton – JAM/Fennell Jnr – JAM; etc
M8-A: 1st Chatrani/Goddard; 2nd Weir – ENG/Weir – ENG; 3rd McQuillan – NIR/McDonald – NIR
P4: 1st Noel/Yearwood; 2nd Donnelly – IRL/Fitzgerald – IRL; 3rd Wallis – ENG/Pearce –ENG
Group B (not eligible for overall position): 1st Frans Verbaas – NED/Carina van Westen – NED (Mini Cooper S), 1h 12m 30.78s; 2nd Harold Morley - ENG/Graeme Finlayson – SCO (Ontrac Systems Barbados Porsche RSR GT3 Rally), 1h 14m 31.56s; 3rd Andrew Costin-Hurley - ENG/Shaun Mellett - ENG (Earl’s Performance Hoses Ford Puma), 1h 14m 44.90s; etc
SM11: 1st Watson/Watson; 2nd Gill/Hazell; 3rd Stockdale – ENG/Swallow – ENG; etc
SM10: 1st Armstrong/Ward; 2nd Read/Jordan; 3rd White/Troulan; etc
SM9: 1st Mayers/Mayers; 2nd Edwards/Waithe; 3rd Shinnors – IRL/Levis – IRL; etc
Historic: 1st: Pearcey – ENG/Shanks – SCO; 2nd Bell – RSA/Worme; 3rd Boston – ENG; Pulliston - ENG
Clubman Historic: 1st Thomas – WAL/Ralphs – WAL; 2nd McChlery/Goddard; 3rd White/O’Neal
M7: 1st Clarke/Brancker; 2nd Linton/Linton; 3rd Corbin/Clarke; etc
M6: 1st Corbin/Staffner; 2nd Gonsalves/C Corbin; 3 McKenzie/Collett; etc
M5: 1st Deeley – ENG/Dodd – ENG; 2nd Gallagher – IRL/Forde
P2: 1st Clarke/Hoyte
Clubman: 1st Croney/Johnson; 2nd Kirton/Roett

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